Month: January 2014

How to get your husband to take vitamins |

How to Get Your Husband to Take His Vitamins

In my quest for handy way to help my hubby (a.k.a. HHH, Handy Hubby Helps) to take his vitamins, I found the solution in The Grandma Method.

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Homemade Idaho Green Enchilada Sauce – It’s Easy!

My husband loves burritos with green enchilada sauce.  I mean, LOVES them.  All slathered up with sour cream and heavily coated with cayenne pepper powder.  He will request them for many meals in a row, including breakfast. (I’ll be posting the burrito recipe soon too!) Well, imagine our chagrin when we found that our beloved […]

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Top 10 Bargains at the Dollar Store - And What to Avoid |

Top 10 Bargains at the Dollar Store …and What to Avoid

Yes, I love bargains.  I will push my cart unashamed through the dollar store.  But I’ve had to realize that just because it doesn’t cost much doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bargain. In my book, the item must meet certain criteria before I classify it in my “bargain” category: It has to be of acceptable […]

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PluckyMom: What I’m Going to Say

“Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them you told them” By following this pithy bit of advice, I hope that what you read on this blog in the future will magically stick like super glue inside of your brain.  That’s the idea anyway.  So in the interest of […]

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