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How to Get Your Husband to Take His Vitamins

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged” that most men don’t take vitamins regularly. Well, perhaps it could be that it’s just all the men I know.  But for whatever reason — be it forgetting, disliking or not caring — all the men in my family generally forget their pills.  (Unless it’s pain pills; pain has a way of reminding one to take their medicine!)

In the case of my husband, he values taking preventative care of his body by taking vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s and so forth to help him stay healthy and spry. But he just never seems to get around to it! We’ve got all the pills; I just need a handy way to help my hubby (a.k.a. HHH, Handy Hubby Helps) get all that goodness inside him.

The solution came to me when I was at the grocery store and found these wonderful pill containers they are giving away FREE at our local pharmacy! I call it The Grandma Method.

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I never thought I’d use these things — they reminded me too much of my grandparents… popping prescriptions at every meal and before bed!  But they really are slick.

To execute The Grandma Method properly, every Saturday, I get my box of vitamins and supplements down from the shelf and distribute them into the pill organizers. I have one for me and one for hubby, and we each get our own custom dosages of happy happy happy. (If you are curious what we take every day, I’ll be writing a post on that soon.)

So far, these little organizers are a hit… with me anyway! I still find myself needing to remind my schmootzie to actually swallow them, but at least they are dosed, handy, and travel-ready. In fact, I sent a week’s worth of vitamins with him when traveled to a jobsite recently. (Now to see how many end up coming home again!)

If you are interested in trying the grandma method of vitamin organization, you can get your own organizers hereGo to and support this blog!. Or maybe your pharmacy has some for free too. Free is always good.  😉

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