PluckyMom: What I’m Going to Say

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“Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them you told them”

By following this pithy bit of advice, I hope that what you read on this blog in the future will magically stick like super glue inside of your brain.  That’s the idea anyway.  :)

So in the interest of straightforwardness, clarity, and all the other wonderful attributes and clear communication, I’ve decided that my first post should introduce you to PluckyMom and tell you what I’m going to say here.

Some of you may read the word “plucky” and go, “huh?” (As my hubby did.)  So here is a definition:

Plucky  [pluhk-ee] — having or showing pluck or courage; brave: The drowning swimmer was rescued by a plucky schoolboy. Synonyms — courageous, determined; cheerful; spunky, spirited.

I chose this name because as moms, we all need plenty of pluck to tackle all the challenges that each day can bring.  Whether that’s the dog getting into the trash and throwing up all over the house… or that diaper change that had to turn into a bath… or making each dollar stretch to its max for your everyday necessities.

Seriously, don’t you just love that triumphant feeling of doing something that you used to fear or dread?  Or that clever feeling when you find a super duper bargain on something you need? Or the satisfaction of working hard and doing something yourself?  I’ve always wanted to share those feelings with everyone around me.   (My mom and sister-in-law will tell you I always have to share the latest deals or DIY projects that actually worked.)

As a young wifey and first-time mommy to our sweet little Pooka, I’ve got a lot of learning and experimenting, trials and errors, successes and failures ahead of me.  But when I’ve figured something out, I want to share it with you so you don’t have to muddle through it just to discover the same answer I did!

So that’s what this blog is intended to be about: sharing what I learn, as I learn it.  I really want it to be useful for all of you moms out there – or dads, or anyone who happens to stumble across this.  J

So there you have.  What I’m gonna tell you.  Now to go about telling ya!


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